Social Media

Using social media to its full potential is so much more complicated than simply posting to Facebook or Twitter. PolitiKlout can build and maintain professionally designed social media accounts on any major social network, and then use industry best practices to maximize your social reach within relevant communities. With professional copywriting and copyediting, photography and image creation, data analysis, and proprietary marketing techniques – we will help ensure that your content has the best chance of being seen by your supporters, and that your calls to action get the best response possible.


We offer mobile-compatible email design, professional copywriting and copyediting, and data analysis to optimize the visibility of your email messages. Typically, a campaign captures supporter e-mail addresses, names and occasionally zip codes, from the visitors of their website, micro-sites, and other petition efforts.  PolitiKlout can turbocharge your e-mail contact lists by integrating social data and voter file info – allowing us to target/segment email outreach by interest, name, location, gender, age range, etc. From there, we can better target and energize your supporters across a multitude of traditional platforms and new media.

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From conception to maintenance, PolitiKlout will work with you to create a professionally branded website that most effectively informs your supporters and drives action. We can implement Google Analytics to determine website usage behavior in order to optimize your website design and content. We will work with you to integrate your other outreach efforts – like social and email – into the website, maximizing the reach and impact of all your communication channels.

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Text Messaging

More than 90% of voters have cellphones, 76% of those people text, and 90% of those people look at their text messages within five minutes of receiving them. PolitiKlout can provide you with text messaging services, allowing you to immediately reach out to your supporters.  Is your opponent going to be on talk radio in five minutes? Let your voters know about it, and flood the phones lines with your supporters! Would you like to know where your voters stand on a particular issue? Send them a text poll. Based on their response, we can help you follow up with targeted texts.

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